To NVRHA Club Members,




NVRHA is embarking on a new and exciting project! We are going to publish a hardcover mostly color book of artifacts dug over the years by past and present club members. This book will document and preserve in time artifacts dug by members. It will certainly become a reference source, it will provide educational information to the public, and it will hopefully excite our children in knowing and learning more about the American Civil War, and thus become a major accomplishment by NVRHA.


Weeks ago NVRHA formed a committee to begin work on this project. We recognize this is a tremendous endeavor!  We have already begun consulting with club members that have authored books and publications as well as others outside NVRHA. But we most certainly need your help and cooperation. Club members have unearthed and saved many thousands of Civil War artifacts from destruction. It is from this incredible pool of artifacts that we want to draw and incorporate items into this club book. We are going to attempt to contact all past and current club members asking for their support. This alone will be a time consuming task. Below you will find the information we are requesting from those members that want to be contributors plus some book decisions tentatively made by the committee. This will be a work in progress and evolve and be refined as we proceed. We are optimistically thinking this club book will be published in two years.


Decisions Made By the Club Book Committee: There will be a section devoted to the formation and history of the club. Any member that provides their artifacts for inclusion in the book will be offered an opportunity to purchase the publication at $1.00 over club cost. Members names will not be listed or associated with any specific artifact. However, members names will be listed as contributors unless they choose to remain anonymous. Only artifacts found in the U.S. and dating from the Colonial Period up to and including The American Civil War will be included.


Requirements for Inclusion:


1. Artifacts must be dug/found by club member (past/present)


2. Submit your favorite artifacts


3. No purchased artifact will be accepted


4. Artifacts dug anywhere in the United States can be submitted


5. Please include any information you may have about the item and its use


6. You are encouraged to give the general location where the artifact was dug, i.e., Fairfax, VA, Northern VA, Romney, W VA, etc.), but that information is optional.


Please understand that some artifacts submitted and photographed may not be chosen for the book


Once we have reviewed the survey sheet information, we will contact members with further information on proposed locations and dates for photographing their artifacts.


Please print out the Artifact Survey Form and fill it out, then send it to us by any of the following methods:

Click on the "Relic Survey" link below. Print it, fill it out and mail it to:
NVRHA Club Book,  PO Box 418, Clifton, Va. 20124


Relic Survey