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The Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association (NVRHA) convened its first meeting in February 1972 at Centreville, Virginia. Thirty-two people attended the meeting and became charter members. Currently, club membership ranges from 150 to 200 individuals.

NVRHA was organized to promote the study and preservation of the American Civil War through the location, identification and preservation of military and related historical artifacts.

As part of NVRHA's original charter it states, "the defined purpose of the organization neither encourages nor supports the procurement of artifacts from public parks or private property where permission for such procurement has not been granted."

Each April, the NVRHA sponsors its annual American Civil War Show. Advertised nationally, the 300 plus tables offers military effects, relics, memorabilia, books, paper goods, art, and antique weapons. These items are displayed by the country's most distinguished civil war dealers and museums, as well as private collectors.

Certain NVRHA members have published numerous books on the identity of Civil war artifacts and various other aspects of the war. Some books are widely used for reference by students, professors, historians, archaeologists, and relic hunters.

The NVRHA has supported various efforts whose ultimate goal has been the preservation of threatened historical sites. To this end, NVRHA has donated relics, monies, or "work hours" to various museums, battlefields, and the archaeology community. In addition, NVRHA has financially contributed to other worthwhile community services. Also, club members have given speeches and relic displays to local schools and organizations interested in the Civil War.

At its monthly meetings, the NVRHA has noted speakers present on all aspects of the American Civil War included new authored books.

Various fun events are sponsored throughout the year free to members. Members also receive a monthly newsletter either by email or postal mail.

Preeminent in its field, the NVRHA looks forward to many years of preserving the legacy of one of the most turbulent periods in our nation's history, The War Between the States.