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An NVRHA 30th Anniversary Celebratory Event!
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A group of individuals who happen to be NVRHA club members got together to organize a hunt. After a few meetings of this committee, it was decided unanimously to hold this event to honor two things:

1. The Legends of Relic Hunting
2. The NVRHA's 30th Anniversary

How did the NVRHA fit in?

This was an Invitational event. As a courtesy, it was decided to send invitations to all NVRHA club members first. Then, after the response, we were able to see how many available slots we would still have left to invite additional folks who we thought would best represent the hunt and not to mention, many of the "Legendary" pioneers of our relic hunting history (who were not all necessarily NVRHA club members).

This was not only a good way to represent the NVRHA in its 30th year anniversary, but it was the only fair thing to do. Everyone had a fair chance at participating via being an invited NVRHA club member. Unfortunately, after the members had made their decision, we couldn't invite all of the many non-NVRHA club members who let us know that they wanted to participate (including NVRHA members who later changed their minds). But we did our best to accomadate.

All persons aged 60 and over were FREE of charge. Also FREE of charge were those who were key in helping to get this event off the ground. All past NVRHA Presidents were invited for free in recognition of the NVRHA's 30th anniversary and their hard work and dedication in making the club what it is today.

The reason for this explanation is the several e-mails, phone calls and inquiries concerning how the hunt was organized, how one can participate, when the next hunt will be...etc...etc.

This was a one time event. There will probably never be another LRHI unless 20 years from now the next generation of relic hunters decides to honor any remaining original Legends or those of us who have achieved that status in their eyes. I look forward to that day if it ever happens because this event was one to remember forever. Will the hunt committee ever throw another hunt? Maybe. Maybe not. But it will not be an LRHI event. That is for certain. And it may not be this or even next year. That has not even been discussed yet. We'll see.

In closing, I want to add that the LRHI event was one more benefit of being an NVRHA club member amongst the many other benefits they already have. The 20th anniversary special of the NVRHA was a very special night and hopefully the 40th anniversary will top the 30th anniversary event! We can only guess and hope. But the members of the NVRHA deserved this and hopefully all had a great time never to forget. The NVRHA proved once and for all why it is not only the first and oldest diggers club in the country, but by far the best organized and educational relic hunting association - bar none...exemplified by the simple fact that an incredible event like this was held for them.

Steve Pittman
NVRHA Club member since 1983
Legends of Relic Hunting Invitational Committee Member
November, 2002